Outsourced Billing Service

With MedSoft, we've integrated billing directly into the EMR system. Billing has never been this seamless or transparent.

A bit about BillingCAVU

The decision of whether to manage billing in-house or outsource it is as old as the first billing service. Read more about the pros and cons of both options, and make the decision that's best for your clinic.

Regardless of which route you choose, MedSoft has fully integrated billing. Whether your team or ours is managing it, you can view everything in one location. Comprehensive reporting is available at your fingertips.

CAVU Billing

Even if you're not ready to commit to a new EMR, CAVU Billing can manage all or portions of your billing. Our team has a combined 50+ years in billing. Our efficiency and expertise are why our clients choose us.

We work alongside our clinics, ensuring that every code and dollar is accounted for. Since this is what we do all day every day, we see trends. We anticipate problems. We collect.

Accounts Collected in 60 days or Less
Billing Submission Accuracy
Response Time to Client in 24 Hours or Less

CAVU Billing Portal

While the MedSoft EMR connection allows for the most transparency, our CAVU Billing Portal shows you all the data you need to monitor billing. In addition to our experienced billing team, our billing package includes access to the CAVU Billing Portal.

The Portal includes a dashboard of billing metrics - visit count, billing trends, aging - and a patient search. This gives you both the overall big picture that you need at the clinic level and the granular detail you want at the patient level.

Within the Portal, you can communicate directly with the billing team and see their latest notes on patient interactions. It's the closest you can get to having a biller in your office without having to put one on the payroll!

CAVU builds our entire business on relationships, and our goal is to see your clinic grow. Contact us with any questions, or click here to take the first steps towards billing freedom.

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