Pricing Packages

Decide what features best suit your clinic's needs.
Then run your clinic. CAVU simplifies the rest for you.

Priced For Your Needs

CAVU is designed around you, the clinic owner. We know every dollar counts; that's why we have competitive pricing at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. All the features outlined on our product pages are included; we don't believe in nickel and diming your clinic to death with add-on costs.

Up front, honest, and consistent - that's our pricing promise.

Our Pricing Packages

MedSoft, our EMR program, offers pricing packages based upon clinic size. After a one-time set-up fee, you pay a consistent monthly price determined by number of users.

CAVU Billing, our outsourced billing service, is fully invested in your clinic's Revenue Cycle Management. This service is billed as a percentage of monthly collections, varying 5.5% to 8% depending upon clinic needs.

Pricing Packages

CAVU gives you CHOICE.
You choose what works best for your clinic: EMR Only, Billing Only, or Both.
For clinics using both EMR and Billing, you can choose whether you prefer your billing charged as a percentage of collections (variable each month) or to pay a flat rate.

EMR Only
$195 - $475 monthly

Our EMR Only package provides your clinic with a reliable EMR and unparalleled customer service.

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EMR + Billing
Flat Fee or as a % of billing

Get the total package - all EMR and Billing in one application, with full transparency.

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Billing Only
6% of billing

Keep your existing EMR; gain a dedicated Revenue Cycle Specialist & access to the CAVU Billing Portal.

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We're humbled and inspired by the clinics we work with every day - they change patients' lives.
We're passionate about supporting them with the best tools so that they can continue to do so.

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